Stylage M mit Lidocaine (2×1.0ml)


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Stylage M with lidocaine (2×1.0ml)

Contents: hyaluronic acid, 2 pre-filled syringes with 1.0ml

STYLAGE M Lidocaine – During the aging process, the skin loses its natural elasticity and resilience, as the hyaluronic acid responsible for storing water is no longer sufficiently produced in the lower layer of the skin. This shows the first superficial wrinkles. Over time, the wrinkles get deeper and become unaesthetic wrinkles. The face begins to look tired and less attractive. This process can now be successfully counteracted. The STYLAGE line contains hyaluronic acid gels (fillers) of different strengths of non-animal origin. The hyaluronic acid is completely biodegradable and free of toxins. The innovative, patent-pending IPN technology with double 3D matrix, in which a highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid and a natural antioxidant (mannitol) are combined, made it possible to develop a filler that is characterized by extraordinary elasticity and achieves a comparably stronger filling effect and enables a very natural and long-lasting end result.

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Puppet folds
  • Wrinkles in the cheeks and chin area
  • Wrinkles in the periorbital area (around the eyes)
  • Corrections in the nasal area

STYLAGE M Lidocaine

Suitable i.a. For the correction of medium to deep wrinkles in the nasolabial area, the cheek and chin area and forehead wrinkles.

In fact, the antioxidant mannitol contained in STYLAGE M Lidocaine, which is also found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, reduces the negative influence of free radicals that the body naturally releases with even the smallest “injury”. In this way, the risk of swellings and small hematomas after the injection is reduced to a minimum and in very many cases even avoided entirely. At the same time, mannitol reduces the body’s own breakdown of the injected hyaluronic acid, which leads to a significantly longer shelf life compared to most other hyaluronic acid gels.
The additionally contained anesthetic lidocaine enables a largely painless injection and thus ensures even more comfort during the treatment.
STYLAGE M Lidocaine is highly valued by patients because it guarantees a very natural corrective effect that occurs immediately and lasts for about 1 year, sometimes significantly longer.

Packaging unit: 2 pre-filled syringes with 1.0ml

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