Princess Filler mit Lidocaine (1×1.0ml)


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Princess Filler Lidocaine

Princess® FILLER Lidocaine is a sterile, viscoelastic, perfectly clear, colorless, isotonic, homogenized gel implant.

Princess® FILLER is indicated for the correction of superficial and moderately deep facial wrinkles as well as for perioral wrinkles, lip contours and the increase of lip volume.

It is recommended to inject Princess® FILLER into the medium to deep dermis for a very natural look and long-lasting correction.

The product is supplied with two sterile needles (27G ½) for single use per syringe. Osmolarity and pH were adjusted for optimal physiological conditions; The result is a product that is extremely skin-friendly and does not cause irritation.

The high art of aesthetic medicine from CROMA


  • Immediate and long-lasting effects
  • High viscosity increases the filling capacity, optimizes elasticity when modeling and ensures natural beauty
  • Easy to inject, homogeneous and smooth: optimal control and maximum comfort during the entire injection


  • Non-allergenic: Pre-treatment allergy testing is not required
  • Our unique cleaning process, oxygen removal and sterilization limit the risk of side effects and inflammation


  • Short glass syringe
  • Specially shaped piston rod
  • Ergonomic finger rest (360 ° rotation)
  • Stability and full control throughout the treatment

Princess® FILLER is intended for use by a doctor by injection into the middle to deep dermis. The technique used is crucial for the success of the treatment. The product must therefore be used by doctors who have received special training in the technique of wrinkle injection. After the injection, the doctor may use a light massage to distribute the product evenly.

Packaging unit 1 pre-filled syringe with 1.0ml

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Princess Filler mit Lidocaine (1x1.0ml)